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Types of occlusal problem to refer in the mixed dentition:

  • Anterior or posterior crossbites with associated mandibular displacement

  • Class III in the mixed dentition

  • Class II/I malocclusion where there is an underlying skeletal II pattern.

  • Asymmetry in the pattern of tooth eruption (especially upper central incisors)

  • Severely hypoplastic/carious first molars of poor long-term prognosis

  • Lack of palpable canine bulges buccally at 10-12 years of age indicating palatal impaction

  • Hypodontia (missing teeth); supernumerary teeth

  • Submerged deciduous molars; impacted first permanent molars

  • Periodontal problems caused by severely ectopic tooth position

  • Severe crowding of incisors

For more Information you can download the BOS guidance booklet.



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